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Learn Paul Vunak’s Rapid Assault Tactics and Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do Concepts self defence classes.

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Paul Vunaks RAT system in the UK
Rapid Assault Tactics for the Navy SEALS
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Private self defence classes in the Rapid Assault Tactics & JKD Concepts

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Rapid Assault Tactics instructor certification in the UK

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What makes Interception Martial Art's self-defence Classes in Hull Different?


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While what we do could be seen as MMA type of Martial Arts Training the Rapid Assault Tactics, are anything but. If all you want to do is train hard and learn real self-defence in Hull, you won’t find a better training group.


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Belts are only good for holding up your pants.” – Bruce Lee. Belts mean you are dedicated, and that is great. However, it means nothing in a self-defence situation. Rapid Assault Tactics were designed for special forces & elite law enforcement


Self defence classes near me

The Rapid Assault Tactics cover all ranges of self-defence & Martial Arts. To most people, this may look like an MMA class however it couldn’t be further from that sport. We use weapons training as well all the banned skills from the sport.


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"An emphasis on practical defence"

I can't recommend training here enough. Classes are well broken down to enable you to learn techniques. An emphasis is placed on learning practical defence that can apply in a variety of fight scenarios. Ben Riches

The best self defence system to learn

"Would recommend it to anyone"

Only started training in the last year, but already feeling the benefits, Paul is a very good teacher & always mixes the self-defence classes, so always doing something different. Would recommend it to anyone !!!!!!! Paul Forth

The best martial arts system i have ever trained

"Highly recommendable street fighting gym"

I have been training with Paul for the best part of 2 years now and I have found his level of instructing, patience and knowledge is beyond compare. Interception Martial Arts for me is a highly recommendable self-defence gym. David Burnand

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