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News from Interception Martial Arts in Hull.

The last year or so has been a massive period of upheaval and reflection for everyone.

Just like the rest of the world, our self-defence classes in Hull have been heavily affected by Covid-19.

During this period I have been thankful that many moons ago I decided to teach only small martial art groups or private classes and kept my expenses to a minimum.

That is the beauty of the Rapid Assault Tactics and Jeet Kune Do, they are not arts for the masses.

Bruce Lee once said ” Jeet Kune Do is an art for one in ten thousand people” I believe the statement should be “one in ten thousand Martial Artists” making the number of people it appeals to very much smaller.

With the world very much up in the air even as it looks like we may be at the beginning of the end for Covid, as far as lockdowns go.

I need to protect my family financially as well as physically and mentally.

Their well being is my biggest motivator in life.

With that, I have decided to change the direction of Interception Martial Arts Hull.

With imidate effect, I am closing the facility in Wincomelee Hull.

I will now be teaching only privates and very small groups in my gym at my own home.

In time and with enough interest I may open a “once a week church hall” type of class.

I will also be running a once a month group class for all private students to practice mass attack and group training.

The packages and prices are contained on this website and you can always email me.

During the lockdowns, I have made my connections with Clive Whitworth and Paul Vunak stronger and have access to amazing training concepts and drills.

You will not get a more self-defence focused training facility in Hull and surrounding areas.

I am always honest with anyone interested in martial arts and self-defence. I will tell you if you want to train MMA or learn traditional Martial Arts systems I am no good for you.

If however, you want to learn the fighting system of the Navy SEALS, FBI, CIA and more as well as Bruce Lee’s JKD with a direct line of linage from Bruce to myself to you, I am the right man.

Thank you for reading this and I hope to hear from you.


Self Defence classes in Hull at Interception Martial Arts. Learn Paul Vunaks Rapid Assault Tactics system and Bruce Lee's JKD concepts. Protect yourself and your loved ones using the same martial arts used by the worlds top special forces. 


Exclusive self-defence classes in Hull. Learn Paul Vunak’s Rapid Assault Tactics, The RAT incorporates Bruce Lee’s original Jeet Kune Do Concepts, Filipino Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Thai Boxing, Wing Chun and more. Created for the US Navy SEALS as their unarmed combat method. The Rapid Assault Tactics is now the self-defence and martial arts systems used by the FBI, CIA, DEA and many more elite law enforcement and military services. Each Martial Art has been streamlined to ensure it is effective in a real-life self-defence and fighting situation. We run semi-private and private Martial Arts classes as well as Rapid Assault Tactics instructor training.

Here are our self-defence & Martial Arts programmes

EXCLUSIVE self-defence classes

Self Defence near me learning to fight with a knife

The Rapid Assault Tactics were built for the military, not for a sport, not a martial art. Our self-defence classes are intense, practical and made to keep you and your loved ones save. Due to the intensity of our self-defence classes, each group is kept to a maximum of 4 people.


Private self defence near me in hull, self defence classes near me

What more flexibility and more in-depth self-defence class? Interception Martial Arts ITP could be perfect for you. Joining the ITP gives you at least one hour of private sessions per week. This could be in the RAT or JKD in your time or use to improve what you learn in the self-defence Classes.

INterception Martial Arts INSTRUCTOR TRAINING

Rapid Assault Tactics instructor training, Karate black belt, Private training in martial arts

Become a Rapid Assault Tactics Instructor in a weekend. Start a new training group or add to your existing classes. Train for one weekend and get the information you need to be a better street fighter. We run phase one RAT instructor training at weekends allowing you to teach a class and private classes.

What makes Interception Martial Art's self-defence Classes in Hull Different?


Which martial art is best for self defence classes near me?

While what we do could be seen as MMA type of Martial Arts Training the Rapid Assault Tactics, are anything but. If all you want to do is train hard and learn real self-defence in Hull, you won’t find a better training group.


fighting more that one person at a time. self defence classes in hull

Belts are only good for holding up your pants.” – Bruce Lee. Belts mean you are dedicated, and that is great. However, it means nothing in a self-defence situation. Rapid Assault Tactics were designed for special forces & elite law enforcement


Self defence classes near me

The Rapid Assault Tactics cover all ranges of self-defence & Martial Arts. To most people, this may look like an MMA class however it couldn’t be further from that sport. We use weapons training as well all the banned skills from the sport.


how to learn to punch correctly

"An emphasis on practical defence"

I can't recommend training here enough. Classes are well broken down to enable you to learn techniques. An emphasis is placed on learning practical defence that can apply in a variety of fight scenarios. Ben Riches

The best self defence system to learn

"Would recommend it to anyone"

Only started training in the last year, but already feeling the benefits, Paul is a very good teacher & always mixes the self-defence classes, so always doing something different. Would recommend it to anyone !!!!!!! Paul Forth

The best martial arts system i have ever trained

"Highly recommendable street fighting gym"

I have been training with Paul for the best part of 2 years now and I have found his level of instructing, patience and knowledge is beyond compare. Interception Martial Arts for me is a highly recommendable self-defence gym. David Burnand

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