Self Defence classes in Hull

Exclusive 1-2-1 Self Defence classes in Hull at Interception Martial Arts. We pride ourselves on the fact everything we do is to defend ourselves. Self Defence and sport Martial Arts are very different thing. We train to fight with no rules, no traditions and against more than one person. Real fighting does not have a referee. You must be able to adapt to any situation.

Self Defence classes in Hull

Where can you learn real self defence in Hull? Interception Martial Arts!.

  We pride ourselves on the fact everything we do is to defend ourselves. Self Defence and sports Martial Arts are very different things. We train to fight with no rules, no traditions and against more than one person. Real fighting does not have a referee. You must be able to adapt to any situation.

Self-defence training in Hull at interception martial arts classes.

Martial arts near me that show me what you need to do to fight more than one person at a time, Mass attack self defence training in Hull.

Self Defence classes in Hull, built for you, not everyone.

When you choose to train at Interception Martial Arts Hull, you will learn to protect yourself and your loved ones. You will be learning to be capable in all ranges of a street fight. Self Defence classes should include many elements from learning new skills, working to maintain existing skills and building your fighting attributes.

Building attributes to be able to defend yourself is the key to all self-defence situations. Moving freely, keeping your focus and delivering the correct technique with the right body mechanics is not a skill leant by doing forms, kata or overnight.

Paul Vunak created the Rapid Assault Tactics for the US Navy SEALS. The Rapid Assault Tactics (RAT) has now been taught to and used by the CIA, FBI, DEA, ATF as well as many other elite fighting and law enforcement services.

Based in Bruce Lee’s original Jeet Kune Do Concepts the RAT includes the best elements of many fighting arts including Thai Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Fencing, Wing Chun, Filipino Kali & More.

Learning to defend youself with martial art classes near me

Training to fight anyone in any range.

When you are training in our self-defence classes, you will be learning to flow and take the fight to your attackers worst range. There is an old saying that something like this “Box a fighter, fight a boxer” when it comes to self-defence & street fighting it is not always that easy.

You will find this works effectively in ring sports like boxing and MMA. Unfortunately, unlike these sports, we do not have a chance to study our attack and find their weaknesses. Because of this, you will be training to be happy in all ranges and mix them up seamlessly.

When you developed a good grounding, you will be getting involved in constructed sparring leading up to sparring with weapons, empty-handed, on the floor and back again.

Mentally it won’t matter to you if they throw you on the floor, try and box you or bring a weapon you will have developed flow & be comfortable whatever happens.

Martial arts classes near me with training drills on a focus pads for self defence training in hull

Learn quicker in our private Martial Arts classes.

The RAT is not a Martial Art class for everyone, well it is, however, very few people chose to train like this. Rapid Assault Tactics include barbaric and lethal skills.

As well as Martial Art’s basics, you will be learning such skills as headbutting knees & elbows. You will be training to use effective fight finishing techniques, mass attack training and even bitting and eye-gouging using the Filipino art of Kino Mutai.

Our self-defence classes are not for the masses, we are not a money-making get rich scheme. By keeping each session to only you,  training hits all the targets needed to be effective. You get to train with a 1-2-1 with a qualified instructor, meaning you get all the instructor’s attention ensuring you develop and the best possible speed.

If you want to start training straight away you can always join the 1-2-1 private training programme.

Why private martial arts training?

In our private training group, you will develop nat a speed to suit you and only you. The Rapid Assault Tactics is not to be taught in a “McDojo” type of Martial Arts class.
This is to ensure you get the most out of each session. I will be able to see everything you do and help you straight away. When you’re in a class of thirty, it is easy to miss chances to correct you and answer questions.
The training can be intense, keeping classes smaller allow the intensity to managed and maintained. When looking for this sort of training people, struggle to find it. When they google Martial arts classes near me, all sorts come up.

We do not have big classes so you learn more, learn quicker and most importantly use your self-defence and martial arts training when needed. 

What will you learn in the Rapid Assault Tactics?

The Rapid Assault Tactics taught at Interception Martial Arts starts with a grounding in four key areas.

The four areas are labelled as follows – Interception – Destruction – Pressure – Termination.

Other parts added to the RAT include, learning to “defang the snake” weapons training, grappling mixed with the Filipino Martial Art of Kino Mutai and my personal favourite “mass attack”, Learning how to survive and win fighting more than one person correctly.

The Rapid Assault Tactics are barbaric, precise, that is the reason it is Paul Vunak’s military technology and taught to the US Navy SEALS.

You will not find better self defence classes in Hull for real-life street protection.


What is the best form of self-defence? Simply put it is the one you will understand and can train the best. While some Martial Arts do no lend them selfs to real street fighting Martial arts, some like Krav Maga, Thai boxing and BJJ can be very effective. The Rapid Assault Tactics was created by Paul Vunak for SEAL team 6 for their empty hand/non-projectile fighting. With Paul Vunak’s RAT system you will learn not only to survive a real-life street fight or attack, but you will also learn how to avoid them. Covering all rangers including grappling and weapons. Incorporating Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do Concepts, Thai boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Filipino Kali and many more. It is my belief that the RAT system is the best self-defence and real-life fighting system in the world.

Intercepting an incoming attack is the most efficient way of fighting, it is as simple as that. Bruce Lee said, “The easiest way to win a fight is to reach over and knock him out”. Using concepts from western fencing, boxing and Thai boxing, you will learn to hit an attacker on their first movement, finishing the fight early.


Martial arts classes near me showing how to use filipino Kali destructions in a fight while self defence training in Hull

Destructions are from the Filipino Martial Art of Kali. The concept as with interceptions is there is no blocking. If someone was to punch, you would use elbow, knee or nerve destructions. Imagine throwing your best punch right at the tip of someones bent elbow, it would be like punch a bolt sticking out of a brick wall. 


Martial arts classes near me with Self defence training in hull using the wing chun straight blast

The pressure we apply ultimately is Wing Chun’s straight blast. Once your attacker is in pain due to your Interceptions and Destructions, you will blast straight down your attacker’s centreline. No martial art in the world teaches you to defend yourself while running backwards being punched in the face.


Using the Rapid Assault Tactics UK.

Termination using the Thai boxing clinch you will learn to apply the most barbaric tools on your body, the headbutt, knees and elbows. Controlling the attacker by the neck, you will hit them until you don’t have anymore. There is nothing fancy here, just stop your attacker and be safe.

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