Rapid Assault Tactics certification courses.

Get your Rapid Assault Tactics Certification with Interception Martial Arts Instructor Course. Become a phase one instructor in one weekend. Start your own Self Defence classes and teach Paul Vunak’s Military fighting system.

Rapid Assault Tactics Instructor certification

Become an instructor in Paul Vunaks Rapid Assault Tacticsn in the UK. Start a new training group or add to your existing classes. Train for one weekend and get the information you need to be a better street fighter. We run phase one RAT instructor training at weekends allowing you to teach a class and private classes.

At Interception Martial Arts we also run a Self Defence Instructor Course. You can travel to Hull & come and train our Martial Arts Instructor Course & get your Rapid Assault Tactics Certification. We are based here in the UK with no need to travel abroad.

After one weekend (as long as you have some martial arts experience) you could receive a Rapid Assault Tactics Certification. You will then be able to start your Martial arts and self-defence class. You will be taken through each stage of the RAT, how to do it & how to instruct it to your Self Defence Students.

What does a Phase 1 RAT Instructorship include?

Rapid Assault Tactics Certification course in the UK

After you have passed your martial arts instructor course, you will receive a Rapid Assault Tactics certification. Phase one instructorship will enable you to start your self-defence and martial arts, class.
If you’re already an active Martial Arts instructor, you will be able to add the RAT to your current classes.

With your phase one self-defence instructor course complete you are free to teach and train as many people as you like, however, will not be able to grade anyone to be an instructor.
You will be invited to the yearly week-long Course Certified instructor course, which will allow you to grade instructors once complete.

What is included in the Martial Arts Instructor course?

Rapid Assault Tactics Curriculum

The Self Defence Instructor Course lasts two days. On the first day, there is a walkthrough and complete overview of the Rapid Assault Tactics.

Included with this will be what the key stages are and how they mix. Also, the best training methods for each section from beginners to an experienced martial artist. On the second day, you will recap all of day one then be shown the weapons, grappling and mass attack drills to give you the full Rapid Assault Tactics system.

Why do your self-defence instructor course here?

Where can I train a self defence instructor course?

There are many reasons to come here to get your self-defence instructor course started. The obvious, being cost and travel. Getting your Rapid Assault Tactics certification without having to get on a plane makes your life a lot easier. Travel to Hull by road or train is very easy no matter where you are in the UK, there is also plenty of hotels to choose to stay at.

Our Martial Arts instructor training is second to none and can be done solo or with training partners.
The course costs £300, per person with a 50% non-refundable deposit paid in advance when you book your weekend. You even get to take a cheesy photo as you receive your Rapid Assault Tactics certification.

Why the Rapid Assault Tactics instructor course?

Rapid Assault Tactics Certification course in the UK

Once you have your phase one Rapid Assault Tactics Certification you can do what you like and train with whom you want to. We are not that precious.
Created by Paul Vunak for the US Navy Seals the Rapid Assault Tactics are effective, barbaric and work in the real world.
You will in one weekend become and much better street fighter with the ability to pass it on. You will be able to train many other people to use real-world, functional self-defence.
If you do feel you want to train more with us, you can, of course. You may like more private training, seminars at your gym or join us for the yearly instructor camp.
All of this is up to you, no strings attached.

How to start your self-defence instructor course

How to beome a self defence instructor

Booking your time and reserving your weekend with us couldn’t be easier. Use the contact form, I will reply as soon as I can.
I know you will have many questions to ask before committing and that perfectly understandable. Ask as many as you like and then only book when you feel 100% you want to start training as a Self Defence Instructor.
You can train alone or bring training partners. Please remember, if they want to be certified, they will be required to pay as well.
There are no discounts for multiple partners as you will all be able to teach the RAT.
I look forward to hearing from you.