Personal Training in Self Defence & Martial Arts

Personal training in self-defence will accelerate your martial arts and self-defence training. Interception Martial Arts in Hull purpose-built self-defence training programme will help you achieve your goals. Train in Paul Vunak’s Rapid Assault Tactics & Bruce Lee’s Original Jeet Kune Do Concepts. Train in a complete all-round self-defence system that leaves nothing uncovered.




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why have a self-defence personal trainer?

Now you have given self-defence & Martial Arts classes some serious thought, you will need to make sure you chose the best training for what you need.
If the semi-private training group is not for you, private self-defence classes could be.
Our private self-defence classes are more flexible for you and allow more in-depth skills to get developed in a shorter time.

Six of the Top reasons to train private self-defence classes.

100% Attention on your martial arts

Improve your martial arts and self defence with private training

You will be training private self-defence classes for a reason. Big Classes mean less focus and attention on you. 1-2-1 self-defence training allows you to work on areas you need while being the only person in the room. Meaning you can ensure you don’t know a new skill or technique, you will own it and be able to use it.

Flexible training times

Jeet kune do interception kick to the knee, martial arts training in hull

Train when you want. Book an evening or morning to suit you and no one else, well apart from me. If you can’t make the semi-private self-defence classes or don’t want to train with three other people, you don’t have to. Pick a regular time that works through and learn the worlds best self-defence system.

Focus on what you want

Termination of a street fight with Paul Vunak's Headbutt, kness and elbows.Street fighting martial arts

While the Rapid Assault Tactics are simple, all the stages need you to train them individually, then being able to flow between them is essential. You may want to focus on one section for a while to improve it, doing this can only really be done in private self-defence training.

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Accelerate your Self Defence Training

When you train self defence and martial arts privately you can focus on your weak areas.

We all have busy lives, there is not unlimited time to train. While Martial Arts and Self Defence training is a life long activity, you also do not want to study for years and know only three techniques. With private self-defence training, you can concentrate on one thing, learning and mastering it much quicker.

Train self-defence more in depth

When studying martial arts in a private session you can leanr new skills quicker.

“Obsession is what lazy people call dedication.” In time certain areas of self-defence training may be much more fascinating to you & you may want to study it in depth. Private Self Defence training allows you to do this far more than a group Martial arts class.

As intense or relaxed as you like

Hard skils to leanr like JKD trapping becomes easier if you train self defence 1-2-1

Private Self Defence training is not a fitness session. Once you have learnt something new, we can transform it into a cardio session. Using the punch bag, focus mitts or Thai pads you will be able to train in timed rounds ensuring your heartbeat raises and you get fitter.

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How to beome a self defence instructor