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Martial Art techniques training.

Martial Art Techniques Training and how to be good.

This week – Martial Arts techniques. We will be looking at something that always causes issues when learning any martial art techniques. It seems to affect lots of people no matter if they Kickbox, grapple, or train weapons.

Too many people want to learn as many arts as possible without actually getting a grounding or base in one. 

When the UFC first started there is a great quote credited to the Gracies (I could be wrong). When all the kickboxing experts were getting beat they would come back with saying things like ” yeah but if you’re grappling you can’t fight more than one person at a time” 

The reply was brilliant – ” Don’t worry about multiple opponents, you can’t fight one person yet!”

This is a great retort however, there is truth in both statements. 

What do you think of (insert anything) Martial Art techniques?

People seem to be like dogs chasing cars when it comes to training martial art techniques, or at least a cat and a pen laser. 

Whatever happens, they seem to switch between arts chasing the latest craze. 

This is not always a bad thing, there is nothing wrong with experimenting seeing what you like and learning something new, however……

It’s all about the base

Most of the time the people asking these questions and who are constantly looking is what we call “Martial Art technique collectors”.

They believe they know a lot about a lot of arts however, their technique says otherwise. 

At Interception Martial Arts in Hull, we have had a few of these people. This is due to the fact we are JKD Concepts in my opinion.  

Too many times people show up and spend each session trying to show what they can do rather than learn. To rip off the first quote. “don’t worry about showing how many skills you think you have learned to use this one first”. 

Basics Basic Basics – The Mother of all Martial Arts Techniques. 

I have had people talk about flying armbars or Filipino trapping like they invented it while throwing a jab so badly their rear foot leaves the floor because they are leaning over so much. 

Do not get me wrong, I enjoy training people and being willing to learn is a fantastic attribute, however, be willing to learn. 

If people just held back a little and got a decent base in any art they would be surprised how quickly they would improve. 

Attributes – The key to making Martial Art techniques work. 

Taking time to get a decent grounding in one art will give you so many attributes it will make the other arts easier to learn. 

Think about it, if you have that crazy Tae Kwon Do kicking ability and flexibility savate and Thai boxing will be easier to learn than it would be for someone who does not possess those skills. 

If you are a semi-decent kickboxer and can do a few rounds you will have the base fitness, strength and flexibility to learn BJJ quicker than a person without. Improving all your martial art tecniques.

Mentally you will progress quicker too, you know how to train, you already know what sacrifices are involved and how to train. 

All the above can only help. 

Some times less is more. 

Do not worry about knowing lots of martial art techniques worry how well you know the ones you do. 

Take your time, the bigger the base you build the higher you can go. I promise you if you try and rush you will only have to come back and correct yourself six months down the road. Meaning you are wasting any time you thought you were going. 

I know I lose some students due to the fact I make them drill the basics so much. This tells me they are martial art techniques collectors and wouldn’t hang around for long anyway. And to be honest most of them are dicks! they spend so long trying to show off. They make a bad training partner for who they are working with. 

So don’t be a dick!!!



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