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Start self defence training with Interception Martial Arts now and learn how to protect yourself. Join an exclusive training group with only up to four people, start training privately to accelerate your training or ask for more information on our Rapid Assault Tactics instructor training.

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    Interception martial arts for your self-defence training

    Interception Martial Arts. Created for people who wanted functional self-defence. We are not a sports martial arts school and do not enter competitions.

    Paul Vunak created the Rapid Assault Tactics for the US Navy SEALS and other elite law enforcement, including the FBI, CIA, DEA & More.

    Our Martial arts training is structured to bring the best response out of you at the time it is needed.
    There are no messy forms like you see in Karate, Tae Kwon Do. We train for the rule used in street fights, no rules!.

    By contacting us at Interception Martial Arts Hull you will be starting a life-changing journey that builds confidence in yourself which in turn allows you to be more relaxed and in control.

    As soon as we read your email about our self-defence training, we will reply and answer any question you may have. I look forward to speaking to you and training hard while having fun.